A Very British Christmas

Poem up at Carols from King's!

I’m so pleased to share that one of my sonnets was included in the Carols from King’s (Cambridge Choir) Christmas concert, which aired on the BBC on Christmas Eve!

A very merry Christmas to you all. I hope all the twelve days of the season are joyful.

Here’s a link to the program. And here’s the sonnet (first published at the Society of Classical Poets):


Beyond the brimming ages Gabriel waits,

his foremost message burning on his breath.

Through time men slide, creeping through the gates

of birth and out again the doors of death.

He sees kings rise and kingdoms fall to dust;

he sees unnumbered souls unfleshed; to some

he gives slight hints, but the full knowledge must

wait, for his best words are not for them.

Then at last, coming from afar

he sees, gleaming like a golden pin

in time’s folds, Mary, rising like a star

above the fretted seas of what had been;

bright hinge on which the gate of Heaven creaks,

to her he turns, inclines himself, and speaks.